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Information | Taupe Editions

Taupe Editions is a convergence of art for art's sake and art as consumable artifact. 


aupe Editions is a convergence of art for art’s sake and art as consumable product.

As an independent endeavor, our offerings are produced in small, one-of-a-kind quantities. Prints, books, wearables and environmental graphics make up our primary end-products. Rather than adhere to any rigid methodology, we wish to present work that represents a consistent marriage of concept and execution, regardless of format.

Originally initiated as a collaboration between artists Victor Alejándro Aguilar and Mark Keeler, the objective of Taupe Editions has gradually evolved to include a cross-pollination of visual artists. Above all our goal is to maintain an appropriate and original synthesis of artistic visions, blending perspectives and practices from various contributors to produce compelling artwork via accessible modes of delivery.


About the Name
The visible spectrum is host to a dazzling array of colors. An earthen hue residing somewhere in the assortment of these, taupe is a subtle, tonal sliver that exists at the space where several colors converge – a subdued balance of warm and cool. It is a hazy, human gray.